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ProMC is a library for file input and output of Monte Carlo event records or any HEP structural data. The main features are:

  • Content-dependent "compression". Event records are encoded using Google's protocol buffers with variable number of bytes ("varints"). This leads to 30% (and more) smaller file sizes compared to any known compression based on a fixed-length representation of numeric information.
  • Multiplatform. Data records can be read and can be written natively in C++, Java and Python.
  • Self-describing data format. Analysis source codes can be generated from ProMC files with unknown data layouts.
  • Forwards-compatible and backwards-compatible binary wire format.
  • Random access. Events can be read starting at any index.
  • Fast. No CPU overhead on decompression of events
  • Simplicity. No external dependence. The library is small and self-contained. The library has been deployed on BlueGene/Q.
ProMC ("ProtocolBuffers" MC) is based on Google's Protocol Buffers, language-neutral, platform-neutral and extensible mechanism for serializing structured data. It uses "varints" as a way to store and compress integers using variable number of bits (one or more bytes). Smaller numbers take a smaller number of bytes. This means that low energetic particles can be represented by smaller number of bytes, since values needed to represent such particles are smaller compared to high-energetic particles. This is important concept for "smart" compression of events with large number of soft particles ("pileup" events). since such events use less disk storage compared to methods with a fixed-length representation of numbers.

The current ProMC implementation already indicates that file sizes created using this library are 50-30% smaller compared to the stadard ROOT (gzip) compression using either Float_t or Double32_t for storage or HEPMC after gzip compression. These file-size reduction factors depend on the shape of pT distributions and a few other factors (read the manual).

The library can also be used for storing any object data in a multiplatform, self-describing and highly compact form.

ProMC is used by the HepSim public database with theoretical predictions from Monte Carlo generators for HEP.

Other resources

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Created by S.V.Chekanov (ANL).
Contact: chekanov [AT]